Eastman Tritan™

eastman / TRITAN™, EASTAR™, DURASTAR™” Official distributor

Eastman products making a world of applications.

The copolyestersEASTMAN ensure an amazing set of aesthetic properties, chemical resistance, reliability in performance and cost, offering the possibility to be used in daily routine for various sectors: packaging, cosmetics, medical, household goods / appliances and "Design" and others. The main characteristics that distinguish them, and make them a great alternative to other products such as PMMA, PC, PS and SAN, are:

  • - Exceptional transparency;
  • - High gloss;
  • - Excellent shock and impact resistance;
  • - Excellent chemical resistance;
  • - Colorability and ease of decoration;
  • - Compliance with “US Food and Drug Administration (FDA)” and “Bisfenolo-A free (BPA)” norms and regulations.

Some application fields:

Eastar ™ (PETG) o DuraStar ™ (PCTA) copolyesters

image These copolyesters are the ideal solutions for applications that require chemical resistance (eg. With acids); shock and impact resistance; large dimensions or thickness of the workpiece; compliance with the norms and regulations concerning contact with food or BPA absence.

Cosmetics industry
Eastar ™ (PETG) copolyesters

image This copolyester family has the ability to be perfectly transparent (absolutely equal to glass) even in high thicknesses molded parts. It also has excellent resistance to chemicals, shocks and impacts.

Medical industry
Eastar ™ (PETG, PCTG) copolyesters

image These copolyesters ensure excellent mechanical quality of the products, durability also in case of contact with solvents and fluids and compliance with ISO 10993/USP class VI norms and regulations. Perfect trasparency maintenance even after frequent sterilization cycles.

Household / appliances

image The Eastman copolyesters are ideal for home applications / appliances. Their excellent resistance to hydrolysis allows countless dishwasher washing cycles without compromising the mechanical properties. Last, but not least, BPA absence makes them a perfect alternative to polycarbonate.

“Design” applications

image Great alternative to SAN and polycarbonate products, thanks to their perfect chemical resistance and resistance to metal inserts, excellent resilience and UV stabilization, without sacrificing surface gloss and transparency even at high thicknesses. They also comply with class 1 according to DM June 26, 1984 and therefore suitable to the community furnishings.

An innovate product: Eastman Tritan ™

image Eastman Tritan ™ is a new copolyester generation. A significative step forward not only for copolyester versatility, but also for an improved resistance to higher temperatures and shocks. With Tritan innovative and successful applications can be implemented.